Email Policy

Our policy on outgoing e-mails is as follows:


E-mail messages and any attachments may contain confidential and/or legally privileged information. It is intended for the addressee only and if you are not the intended recipient you should not copy or use the contents nor disclose them to anybody else. In such a case please notify the sender by return e-mail immediately and delete the message and its attachments together with all copies in whatever form.

Business Use

Any views or opinions expressed in a message (and any attachments) that do not relate to the official business of P.S. are neither given nor endorsed by it.


E-mails and attachments have been checked for viruses but P.S. accepts no responsibility for any viruses not revealed by such check and in accordance with good computing practice recipients should ensure that they are actually virus free.


In case of any query relating to a message or its content please contact the sender or our System Administrator ( by return e-mail or telephone +44 (0)7389834988 or by post at:

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